Sun, sand and water are on most naturists mind when booking a holiday. Obviously the air and water temperature plays a big part for naturist to have fun. It is not much fun being nude on a beach when you are wet, the winds blowing and air temp is low enough to give you goose bumps. Often I have heard people say  “ I couldn’t go nude it’s not warm enough” but the same people will sit on a beach in a wet cossie where a naturist will dry much more quickly without the wet clingy material sticking to their skin.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than your first skinny dip of the season feeling that cool water tingling your skin refreshing you all over and making you thank God you’re alive.

I have even surfed and windsurfed while wearing nothing but a smile but most naturist are quite happy just splashing around in the edge of the water.

Most sailors and rowers have experienced the naked sensation at one time or another. Atlantic rowers never wear clothes when out at sea due to the salt getting into the creases and causing rubbing from clothes.

Long time naturist James Wharram who is famous for his boatbuilding skills on Polynesian catamarans is often shown sailing nude with his crew.

Other naked pastimes include kayaking in the nude and even skydiving in the nude though I have never tried the latter.

How many people who have a private swimming pool go in wearing a swim suit? Why? They wouldn’t dream of having a bath or shower whilst dressed would they? Is because they think someone might see them or is it they have been conditioned not expose themselves outside of the bedroom or bathroom? It certainly is strange.