A naturist beach is somewhere whether an officially recognised legitimate naturist beach or one that has been used for years as an unofficial naturist beach that has been tolerated for years.

It is not actually against the law in general to be nude on a beach in Britain, what is against the law is someone acting in a way that is inappropriate and threatening behaviour. It is a very grey area of the law and indeed many judges and police officers interpret the law in many different ways. Some local bye laws

Prohibit nude sunbathing whilst others turn a blind eye.

One of the most famous official nude beaches is in Brighton just yards from passers by and the main promenade. Other naturist beaches are only accessible by the fit and sure footed and are usually at the very far end of some family beaches or by climbing down some very steep cliffs that usually involves quite a long walk. France on the other hand has more nude beaches than any other country as is Spain where it is not against the law to be nude on a beach. Obviously it is best to keep away from the main town beaches so as not to offend people who think the naked body is something to be ashamed of. But then man was supposed to be made in Gods image so have all the religious folk got it wrong? There are several good books outlining the best nude beaches here in Britain and rest of the world. Another good way is to go on to a Naturist Holiday website where the resorts are in the main either on a naturist beach or close to one. Good hunting but always err on the side of caution and try not to upset our fellow human beings even if they have old fashioned views.